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International Patients

orthomedplus has extensive experience in the treatment and care of international patients. Orthopaedic surgery in Austria enjoys an excellent international reputation. Medical standards in Austria meet and surpass other national standards.
Patients from all over the world have come to us because of high Austrian medical standards and the success rates our patients achieve after surgery.
Requests range from second opinions in difficult medical situations to advanced surgical treatments. Our surgical services in the field of joint replacement, ligament and cartilage transfer surgery and spine surgery are among the most frequently requested specialty areas.
Our team of specialists works in close cooperation to help our patients achieve their goals in the shortest time possible. We use only internationally approved and proven implants in state of the art laminar air flow surgical suits.
Surgical specialties available include bilateral hip and knee joint replacement, difficult revision joint replacement surgery, ligament reconstruction and cartilage transfer surgery as well as state of the art spine surgery (e.g. multi level disc prosthesis of the lumbar and cervical spine are available vs. only single level replacements in the USA).
Our medical staff  is fluent in English. All reports and records will be transcribed in English for your convenience. Further translator services can be arranged as needed.
International Patients