orthomedplus – Center for Orthopedics and Medicine

Experience, attention to details and medical excellence are prerequisite for successful medical treatment. Since 2006 at orthomedplus a dedicated team of specialists work in close cooperation to achieve the highest medical standards.

Our team of specialists is at you service. Depending on the nature of your condition we will advise you of appropriate therapy options – ranging from conservative to surgical and including the option of rehab therapy. We will support you throughout your treatment and take care of all insurance related issues if you wish. At discharge you will receive all medical documents transcribed in English, copies of all lab findings and all imaging studies.

Second opinions are handled by us on a regular basis. Complex cases are presented at our bi-weekly specialists conference. Our findings and recommendations are shared with you as you choose - in person, by tele-conference or by mail.

In urgent cases our scheduling staff will provide you an appointment option on the same or the following day. Urgent appointments are available on weekends and public holidays if needed. Please call +43-662-874487 to speak with our staff during office hours or +43-650-8744870 outside of regular office hours.

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Dr. Thomas Drekonja & Dr. Harald Kiss

Center for Orthopedics and Medicine